Antique frame restoration

Antique frame restoration

To conserve a gilded or a painted surface of a period picture, experience and knowledge are both key and non-negotiable. We have both.

Treatments may include: stabilisation; structural repair; missing part or piece replacement and matching; gesso fills; ingilding with an appropriately matched karat gold leaf; toning to match existing finishes; and in-painting to add the final touches.

Our process begins with an assessment of your antique frame restoration needs. Through experience, we have found that different levels of restoration need to be considered by each client, this can prolong the life of your art or frames and save you more in the long-run. A treatment plan will be proposed to you after careful examination of each piece in question.

Cost estimations and length of the project, as well as choices of treatments and materials to be used, will be finalised prior to the commencement of any restoration. Your Choice of treatment will depend on: the condition of the artifact, its future use, and your budget.

Art frame restoration adds to the value of your pieces, and restores lustre to pieces which deserve to be proudly framed.