Artcase Restorations

Antique restoration services

Antique restoration services

Do you need to have the lustre and value of your antiques restored? We at ArtCase can help with our antique restoration services.

We have 4 decades of experience behind us and in those 4 decades we have completed many restoration projects ranging from the complete restoration of a 17th century house to the restoring of Steinway pianos.

In our many years in this field,we have learned that each antique is like a being, they have a history and story that that can be easily obliterated by an unskilled restorer. Should this uniqueness be lost, the value of the antique is diminished and it becomes generic.  Through this attitude of treating antiques like unique individuals rather than objects, we have been lucky enough to secure restorations from many famous Antique houses and dealers, as well as  over 650 pianos, and some notable Landmark  buildings in Europe and America.

We have made a list detailing most of our services, to the left in the navigation menu,  but some things we have done defy neat categorisation, for example turning an 18th century barn into flooring and shelving at a luxury residence. In addition we have also listed a few of the names and companies for whom we work and have worked in the past.

Our restoration services:

antique restoration services

Building restoration:

  • Interior and exterior wood works
  • stone marble terracotta brick still works
  • lime stone
  • Venetian stucco
  • Moulding restoration
  • Vintage floors and staircases
  • Fireplaces restoration-new building in
  • Stained glass restoration
  • Chandelier restoration


antique restoration services

Interior restoration :

  • Antique Furniture restoration
  • Antique frame restoration
  • Art restoration,

antique restoration services

Musical Instruments restoration:

  • Antique pianos(art case) complete restoration
    • Case,
    • Action
    • Sound board
    • Pin block
    • Ivory
  • String instrument restoration
    • Violin restoration
    • Cello Restoration
    • Viola Restoration
    • Double base restoration.


antique restoration services

For all our projects we use period materials and techniques:

  • French polish
  • Gold leafing
  • Carving
  • Artworks paintings
  • Marquetry

People with whom we have worked:

Working in our  field we have had opportunities to collaborate with some famous names in the business:

steinway and sons

Steinway & Sons


Faust Harrison Pianos

Faust Harrison Pianos


Maximillian’s House of Grand Pianos (Maximillian Rutten)


Piano Piano

Piano Piano (Jerry Binder)


Allegro Pianos

Allegro Pianos








Warren Cresswell & Associates

and many other private collectors.


Some of our Instrument restorations.

According to serial numbers on record Artcase has restored 650 pianos all names and brands

Some of our other restorations include:

  • Steiner violin,
  • John Juzek violins
  • John Juzek cellos (Stradivarius replicas )
  • Eugenio Weiss Cello 1895
  • Claude Augustin Miremont 1860