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Gold leafing

Gold Leafing

At ArtCase Restoration, we offer a bespoke gold leafing service, onsite, in your home or we can tackle smaller, more delicate jobs in our own workshops. Our services include the gilding of: Art Frames, mirrors, chairs, statues, vases, and of course, the restoration of existing gold leaf on antiques or cherished pieces. If there is any other piece of art, furniture of area of your home you would like gilded, give us a call.

What Gold Leafing do we use?


Leaf Types

We use 23K and 22K gold leaf, 12K white gold, 16K pale gold, as well as Gold metal leaf.

In using these materials, we are able to offer best results, thus enhancing your oil paintings, mirrors, prints, etc. If you are unsure which is best for your job, and need hep selecting the right leaf type to make your piece of art stand out, we are happy to make recommendations.


Various Leaf Types

  • 22k Gold Leaf
  • 16k Pale Gold Leaf
  • 12k White Gold Leaf
  • Gold Metal Leaf
  • And More…

Our different types of Gilding will allow you various finishes on your pieces and Antiques. We are able to add an Antique finish to a more modern piece of art, or restore an antique look to a damaged piece. These types of finishes enhance the frame or antique and display the best quality possible.

Various Gold Leaf Styles

  • Old or Traditional Goldleaf Style
  • New Goldleaf Style
  • White Wash Finishes
  • Antique Finishes
  • Re-Gilded
  • And Additional Gold Leaf Styles and finishes