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Antique furniture restoration

Antique Furniture Restoration

The love of Antiques

Each antique has a story, a dent it received during the Napoleonic wars, a scratch it received when knocked down during the blitz, broken leg it got on its trans Atlantic trip to New York, the wine stain that your uncle gave it at the last party.

To a true antique collector all this matter, it is what we love: owning a authentic piece of history. We see life stories in each piece that passes our work shops, how they were handled, how they were restored,  which side they were more used, how they were maintained. To us there is nothing better than getting a piece that was professionally restored through the ages using good techniques; that restoration is art in our eyes, a art which we will out duty to restore in the same manner.

If you feel as strongly about maintaining your valuable antiques please call and we will see how we can help you.

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In this gallery, please feel free to browse through a list of services we offer, and look at the projects, both before, during and post completion.

  • Complete antique furniture restoration
  • Re-upholstering,
  • Asian antique restoration ,
  • Rare and valuable wood furniture, including chairs and tables and sofas.
  • Restoration of items for sale or auction.

Contemporary Pieces

On-site Restoration

Period Techniques

  • refurbishment of contemporary pieces
  • revive and restore leather
  • wood wax
  • wood stains
  • wood repair
  • French polish
  • gold leafing
  • silver leafing
  • French Polish
  • Carving
  • In-lays
  • Marquetry
  • Ivory – only historic Ivory with certificate showing authentication dates, not involved in current ivory trade.
  • Mother of Pearl Shell
  • Bronze
  • Oil
  • Tempera and Aquarrel
  • Shellac
  • Earth pigment