About ArtCase Restoration:

A few words from us at ArtCase

Antiques are a world unto themselves, whether they be antique artworks, buildings, instruments or pianos. It is a sad time, when people simply pass-by an antique without realising and thereby missing out on an opportunity to take it’s beauty and a snatch of history. This is most often due to the antique being in poor or unrecognisable condition – poorly maintained, having lost it’s lustre, and therefore cast aside. That is where our years of experience and dedication to the trade come in. Restoration experience spanning 4 decades, and 3 generations, we will deliver to you, the highest quality workmanship and craftsmanship there is. In our restoration processes, there is no element less important than another. We are hands on craftsmen, and feel it is imperative, for the well being of the pieces, to continue using the period techniques and materials that were used in their creation. We take full professional responsibility for every piece we take onto our premises and are fully insured for each item.

Mission Statement

To provide top quality restoration and a professional service to all our valued clients.

While we sometimes need a bit more time than other service industries, we want to ensure that we are providing you with the the best restoration service possible. We feel that every client is top priority, and no job is too small. We are proud of what we do and you see it in our work. For quick results, fill in this form and a friendly staff member will contact you shortly to discuss your restoration needs. 

Brief bibliography of our owner:

Branko Stipanovic: Born into a family of gifted artisans, craftsmen and restorers, Branko was exposed to much in the world of Craft. Born above the workshop in their family home, and from an early age, working alongside his grandfather, Aogustin, as a blacksmith, he has acquired good perspective and taste. Branko’s mother, Marija, taught him the secrets of fine antique furniture restoration and Shellac or French Polishing for instrument restoration.

The workshop, above which he was born, is still in existance and use, though Branko went on to study his trade through the Academy TEHNOLOGY OF MATERIALS AND SCIENCE and in his youth, started his own business, putting into practice all he had learned from his family and trade.

Branko says of his passion for restoration and his business:

“For me, Artcase Restoration is a state of mind, when I have any project to complete. From an early age, somehow I felt an extreme responsibilities for work, starting with my homework.

Thinking of projects and work needs to be a process…in my case, a case of art…ArtCase. It is my responsibility to create this process and feeling around the work, or else I must not start to work on it.

I feel it is my moral duty as a restorer, handling other people’s master works, to be extremely professional and courteous, a clear state of mind and a vision for the end piece helps me do this. I know it will be done right, and it will be done in a respectful, professional manner

Responsibility and a professional approach is learned in a professional workshop and means more than words or books can ever teach. To watch and learn from a master restorer, is to see the perfect way to handle and “be with” the piece being restored, no more, no less.

My life started in our family workshop, and thanks to the masters, I was lucky to see and learn the feeling of how to be professional and respect my work. I discovered myself and my passion.

For me now, to restore means to do it the Artcase way.”